How we see CSR today

Corporate Social Responsibility today has become just another bloated billion dollar corporate extension with thousands of well paid ethical department managers often making flamboyant unfounded claims to gain consumer trust (thus intentionally increase annual sales) so we are turning back the CSR clock and we are pressing that reset button.

Our #akkademic #BlueRebels auction is 100% bespoke, 100% luxury, 100% Denim Masters, 100% a world first, with 100% of all auction proceeds to charity as that’s how we see social responsibility today.

We believe todays over saturated CSR industries have lost sight of why and to whom the end benefactee’s genuinely are, given today’s Global brands more often than not bolt on CSR as a financially driven self- perpetuating after-thought. Our live public auction cuts away the many industry layers now wrongly self- governing self-rewarding today’s fashion industries.

Our objective is to create a fully vertical interactive transparent consumer experience uniting the next generation.


They say... the true de definition of support is to help someone that you have never met in the knowledge that they will never know. So, it is time to introduce the real stars of our akkademic auction show the Dara Children’s sewing mothers from Cambodia.

These truly inspirational ladies collect discarded industrial haulage sacks then recycle upcycle them into everyday accessories simply to generate a few dollars to support the children of Andong Village therein providing their education costs with the hope of breaking their children’s desperate poverty cycle.

Indeed, these inspirational ladies are so humble that they ask for nothing. So after meeting the sewing mothers, our denim masters set about weaving our world’s first and only 100% recycle upcycle selvedge taking unwanted factory cottons from today’s fast fashion global retailers.

We then created our educational next generation CSR luxury auction platform purely to honour these amazing ladies, that brought tears to our eyes. As good things must always happen to good people.

Thank you. Miles Chinn @akkadenim

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has”

Dara Children’s Trust has been supporting poverty-stricken families in Andong, a displaced community about an hour from Phnom Penh, Cambodia since 2009. With little-to-no access to clean water, sanitation, education or medical care, we focus on practical projects that provide long-term, sustainable solutions in education, family support and income generation.

In 2016, we established the Stella Foundation - a Sewing Centre for mothers with children in our education projects and the first social enterprise in Andong.

"We are delighted to be supported by akkadenim and their customers, and look forward to working together to raise awareness of ethical clothing alternatives and to give back to communities often exploited by the fashion industry. Purchasing an akka garment not only means high quality and style, it means you’ll be providing those in need with a hand up, not a hand out. And for that, we thank you all."

Marijke Timmers

Dara Children’s Trust Cambodia


Sahasra Deepika, which means a thousand lights, is a non-profit foundation that houses and educates underprivileged children in Bangalore, India. Our students are encouraged to develop their intellectual, social, and academic potential so that they can feel self-empowered and contribute to the community at large.

“Miles Chinn and akkadenim are truly High Fashion partners -- they are creating fashions that serve a higher purpose, namely giving back to those less fortunate. Rather than looking at profiting themselves, akkadenim’s goal is philantrophy. Their exquisitely crafted, ethically produced denim clothing is expressly made to generate hope. For every article sold, akka donate proceeds to charities like ours. So that the next generation can have a chance at a better life. Supporting this auction will support kids in need -- and what could be greater than that?”

Sarva Rajendra,

Sahasra Deepika Foundation for Education India.

akkadenim x The Denim Daily Collaboration 

The akkadenim x The Denim Daily online auction has one sole purpose being philanthropy. 100% of all auction proceeds go to non profit charities that empower and educate impoverished children in India and Cambodia.

Our collab auction pieces are constructed using akka’s revolutionary recycled upcycled selvedges complimented with upcycled industrial fish sacks from Dara Children’s Trust Cambodia.

TDDxakka_artwork denim.jpg