akkadenim are proud to be part of the 'Denim World Championships' our entry is the worlds first 32oz interlace woven denim pant. We developed this jean for no other reason than to see if we could do it and have other developments coming through soon so keep in touch. 

The DWC is a contest which has been four years in the making, coming from small and humble roots to become the undisputed biggest denim contest in the world. It began in 2011 with the first Heavyweight Denim Championships, the HWDC (as it would become better known), was put together as a small contest contained within the Superfuture denim forum and supported by exclusive US retailer Self Edge, its mission was to let people take their love for heavy denim on a two year journey, with the result being some of the most beautifully faded and worn heavy denim ever produced. The format was simple, with contestants asked to simply wear and document the progress of their jeans over a 24 month period, and the prize was a Championship belt.

You can find out more about the DWC here