The Oki-Ni daily

When Miles Chinn and Hill Law decided that it was time to create a fashion brand to support children’s charities they turned to a product they knew inside out: denim.

Miles, the man responsible for the look of akkadenim, has spent that last decade helping Western brands break into China, while his business partner Hill Law is a renowned denim developer, responsible for producing denim lines for some of the world’s biggest brands.

It was this enviable skillset and experience that the pair decided to turn towards philanthropy.

“We wanted to created something that made people feel good about what they wore”, says Miles, “not just because it looked good but because it was produced ethically and gave back to children in need.”

Looking beyond the easy option of donating to large, established charities, akkadenim has instead sought out small, local charities where every donation is felt directly.

Currently, Dara Children’s Trust in Cambodia and the Sahasra Deepika Foundation for Education in India are the recipients of akkadenim’s largess. Yet the brand’s grand plan for expansion includes adding 2 new charities each year as they themselves grow.

As for the product itself, the quality belies the price tag of £85/£95. Powered by one of the largest and most advanced denim factories in Asia, the akkadenim founders have used all their production experience and knowhow to create a superb product.

Each pair of akkadenim jeans comes with high quality hardwear that denim devotees will appreciate: buttons come in quality French copper or and rusted cobalt, while the 7.2 gram rivets are the sort weight and quality that you would expect find on a luxury high-end jean. Naturally, the denim itself is excellent and comes in an 11.75 ounce weight with a silk-enhanced finish.

The designs are also adventurous, with laser-embroidered camouflage and an 18th century Japanese kimono print adding to the more everyday range of raw denim and black.

Whether you buy them because they caught your eye or because they spoke to your conscious, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of akkadenim.