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Simon Sinek is one of those people that inspire me every day, at work and in my personal life. I strongly agree with his quote here. We should never stop dreaming and believing in order for the future to succeed. The world is burning and the only way we can put the fire out is if we dream, believe and achieve change.

A while ago, I read an article in a newspaper The Guardian, which talks about the so-called ‘hipsters’ and the ‘flat white economy’. Like the article states at the beginning, it’s very easy to mock the bearded, the tattooed, the stereotype hipster. Personally I feel that those mocking them, are the ones afraid to dream and simply accept whatever the future has in store for them.

I work in a fashion retail environment and thus I am very much focused on trends and developments and how consumer behaviour develops. I strongly embrace ‘hipsters’ or whatever you want to call them. Why? Because this group of, mainly, millennials are seeking for answers on how it is made in order to understand and improve current methods in any industry.

Earlier this year I spoke to Miles Chinn CVO of akkadenim, and he gave a very clear view on what is happening at the moment:

We, the current and previous generations, have made a mess, a massive mess. We’ve drained all the great aspects of this world. Kids nowadays aren’t stupid. They want more, they want to help the world.

I believe that this generation of millennials isn’t afraid to dream and take action. I believe in a world where we have achieve great sustainability, more transparency and where we’ll put a stop the human exploitation on all levels. Money should never be one’s drive to aim for and achieve goals. We should be driven by meaning and achieving something in this world, not only for ourselves.

Ask yourself ‘What if money was no object? What would you like to be?’

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