Upcycled/Recycled 15oz Selvedge Men's Jean

Upcycled/Recycled 15oz Selvedge Men's Jean


Our up-cycled selvedge jean has finally dropped having been tested in the real world for the last year. This denim has been created specifically for this project from waste cotton, this would other wise be destined for landfill. Though here, we believe that we have created something exceptional and it has been given a new lease of life.

This selvedge is woven on a 30’ inch loom with a navy selvedge, the reverse is multi coloured, this is due to the mixture of coloured threads that were collected and woven into this very special selvedge you can see turqoise, red, orange and green to name a few colours. Over time and with wear these colours will start to be more prominent depending on wear.

These like all raw selvedge denim will shrink so we have ensured that there is enough room for this to happen allowing for a turn up to reveal the colours on the reverse.

Please allow for shrinkage of 1’ on the waist and 2’ on the leg, if you do want to get them tailored then ensure you wash them first so the shrinkage happen’s before shortening.

This is a straight leg jean with 17cm to 20cm cuff (scale up 1cm for each 2’0 on the waist). It fits slightly wider than our non selvedge as we believe they should be worn slightly fuller.

There is our usual rope insertion to add structure to the rear pocket and promote fading, we also added a chain loop for keys or a wallet to on the front left pocket. There are further selvedge details on the button fly and the coin pocket. The cotton used for the pocket bags is a heavyweight cream herringbone.

Upcycled Selvedge:
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